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How does it go from 80′s to 40′s? Well i guess thats March for ya!! Looks like better weather is instore for the upcoming weekend!!

Stripers- this fishing has been smokin hot as of late. Lots of really nice keeper fish have been caught as of late! There not really starting to school just yet, But i have personally witnessed them blowing bait clean out the water, in the buffalo creek, rocky creek area!! Jerkbaits have been the hot bait for me, the smaller ones with 2 hooks not the big three hookers. Also smaller red eye shads, bucktails and swim baits are really working well. it will not be long before the strong schooling action will be taking place.

Largemouth Bass-As everyone knows, these fish are pre spawn, spawn and post spawn, depending on what part of the lake your fishing. I have seen lots of bass fishermen running the banks lookin for for bed fish. texas rigs and shakey head rigs are working well all over the lake right now. Thats probably your best bet right now.

Shellcrackers-Another hot bite right now, triggered by the past big full moon. 2 to 10 feet deep around points, secondary points, humps and pockets with shell beds. Crackers love shell beds!!! redworms and nightcrawlers on a split shot rig or mini carolina rig is best right now..But if your a runner and gunner like me!! i like to use micro crankbaits and tiny soft plastics that mimic the forage, such as crawfish, shad and tiny minnows. You can cover alot of water quickly! And catch the agressive shellcrackers. Better than sittin waitin for a bite..these baits catch everything, Bass,Bream and White Perch. Love it!!!

Crappies- This bite is hit and miss everywhere. No numbers being caught, a few here, a few there..Spider riggin jigs with minnows covers water, Jiggin over brushpiles catches a few fish, but move on and fish as many brushpiles as you can. Covering water is key right now!!

Catfish- This bite is good, but very soon will become a straight up night bite for bigger size cats. Daytime fishing is drift fishing with cut bait. Cover all depths!! Fish are all over the place right now.

White Perch-these fish can be found shallow and deep, i have seen them schooling, chasing bait!!! but that’s only in the evenings. Small crankbaits and roadrunners catch alot of  White perch when there running bait like that. The deep bite is of course with the spoons. 20 to 30 feet of water around bait balls has been great for the most active fish. Lots of numbers can be caught. Buffalo creek up to the rivers is the place to be right now!! Jerk your spoons agressively, they want it moving quick!!! Have a great week everyone!!!!

Do everything without complaining. Philippians 2:14

thought of the week: Our responses to life’s daily annoyances can become chances to show Christ’s love.

Link2life: For every complaint you make, think of 3 reasons to be thankful.

Don’t know about anyone else, but i’m glad it’s March and the last two months are over!! March means spring is right around the corner. Even though it’s been really warm here lately!! But it looks like things are going to return to normal.

Stripers- striper fishing is getting hot here lately!! With a shallow bite taking place the last couple hours of the day! Jerkbaits and small deep diving crankbaits has been hot here lately. Stripers are chasing bait, but haven’t seen any schooling action going on! Find the bait, then move shallow as in ten feet or less. i’ve been catching some really good fish over 5 pounds. some over 8. drifting with freelines, or slow trolling live bait is also working well during mid day hours.

Largemouth Bass- these fish are also getting going very well. There also chasing bait shallow in the back of the creeks. small crankbaits,jerkbaits and shad raps are working great for these buck bass!! the spawn should be right around the corner.

Shellcrackers- this bite has been hot in about 10 to 20 feet of water. secondary points and in the back of the pockets. Use nightcrawlers and red worms on a split shot rig, or a mini carolina rig for these fish!!

Catfish-this bite is good, drift fresh cut bait in water anywhere from 20 feet to 40 feet. Lots of baitfish up in the river systems right now!!

White Perch- this bite was smokin hot all winter long. Spoons and drop shot rigs catching alot of white perch!! But the bad thing is, with warmer water temps, these fish will scatter out alot more, will become harder to find. I would stay in the river systems where theres alot of bait! Spoons and drop shot rigs should still catch fish for at least another month.

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