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Here’s the smokin hot tip of the week!!! This goes out to all you Perch jerkers out there!!! The white perch bite is screaming hot right now, but in the coolest part of the day,A friend of mine named Bruce says  in the first 2 hours of the morning. 6:30am till about 8:30 am is the hot bite right now, because we all know that after 9am, it starts gettin hot fast.  Check the mid lake area in 20 to 25 feet of water, at the mouth of the coves. As always a half ounce berry’s flex-it spoon is the ticket to extreme fast and furious action. Yeah there are other ways to catch them, such as a drop shot, or a minnow rig. But to me spoon fishing is about as addicting as it gets. Hook one on a spoon, and your hooked!!!! 1oo fish in 2 hours is very, very possible. It doesn’t get any better than that to me!! have fun everyone!!!

Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits. Psalm 103:2

thought of the day: Every ending can open onto a new beginning.


To say it’s been hot, muggy, humid, or down right miserable is probably an understatement!! But hopefully cooler days are right around the corner.

Stripers-Striper fishing is good in the main lake area. Live herring fished on downlines around the towers has been great. Also trolling umbrella rigs, big crankbaits and bucktails is producing fish for those who like to cover water and stay cool with a nice summer breeze.

Largemouth bass- night bite is the way to go. It’s cooler and more tolerable. Fish shakey heads and texas rigs around boat docks. Also carolina rigs deep around points. River fishing would be buzzbaits and basic topwaters all night long, especially with the full moon phase this week. seeing better at night should be very easy!!

Catfishing-Is great at night shallow around humps and long points that come way out with deep water close by. Anchor down in about 15 to 20 feet of water, and fan cast baits deep and shallow, and everywhere in between. Shrimps, stink baits, chicken livers, nightcrawlers, and fresh cut bait all working well for catfish. A hot little bite thats been going on is to fish small pieces of cut bait around boat docks with lights. use a slip float with your bait a couple feet deep, they just come up and hammer it pretty hard. lots of nice eaters.

bream and shellcrackers- this bite is super hot because of the full moon phase, bream beds everywhere shallow, but small bream on them, fish a little deeper for the bigguns. About 10 to 15 feet deep around secondary points and humps. Nightcrawlers and redworms working well. Another little tip thats working well is to drift fish for them. They like a moving redworm, and this takes the boredom out of sitting in the hot sun. Use a lindy rig or floating Lindy rig with a redworm or nightcrawler. Let the wind push you over and around humps and points, When you catch a good un, then drop an anchor and cast to that area. This method is working very, very well right now for bigger breams and shellcrackers. 

As always drink lots of fluids if your out in the hot sun,or if your a night owl this time of year like me, make sure your lights work,and your life jackets are close by, be safe everyone!!!

Anyone who is joined to Christ is a new being; the old is gone, the new has come. 2 Corinthians 5:17

Thought of the day; what does the way you spend your time have to do with Jesus?